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Property Title Search

One of the few reasons why owners find it necessary to conduct property title search is when they want to mortgage their property and that they are required to insure their transaction with the bank where they signed the contract with. In this regard, a title report is important in order to track any recorded legal rights to the property or some parts of a certain property. It shows details about the easements and other important data regarding the assets that need property title search.

Property title search has two main types. One of which is the full coverage search which is performed when creating a title report for transaction that concerns construction loans as well as for sale and resale dealings. The other one is the limited coverage search which happens when an owner makes title reports for refinance transactions concerning ownership equity loans and also for the purpose of crafting title guarantee reports. Aside from these two main types, other forms of property title search are non-insured reports and foreclosure guarantee search.

A full coverage search includes searches associated with property liens, easements, conditions and restrictions along with CC&Rs covenants, agreements, resolutions and ordinances. All of these will generally affect the real property being questioned.

Some of the things that you can do in your property title search are to perform a search for liens counter to the owner and other involved parties on the title if any; for sale transaction, you can do a lien search too against the buyer; or search bankruptcy proceedings that may be available against the owner of the property that you, as a buyer, is interested to. It will be helpful too if you could get someone who may refer you to a property agency and consult to a professional for your property title search especially about the full coverage search. On the other hand, a limited coverage search commonly comprises searches for property liens as well as liens counter to the owner and other involved parties on title.

Accordingly, search for bankruptcy proceedings that is at hand against the owner of a certain property is also included in the limited coverage search. In the conduct of property title search, you need to know whether you are going to employ a limited or a full coverage search so you will not need to exert double effort in your goal for a title search. In most cases, clients consult property professionals to ensure honest negotiations and proper guidance regarding the processes involved in performing a property title search.

Accordingly, non-insured reports are used mainly for informational purposes. These types of informational searches are being commonly utilized for probate and subdividing. A foreclosure guarantee search, on the other hand, is used for foreclosing encumbrances in a particular property. A full coverage title search to said property would be performed by the searcher for this purpose. The addresses found in the property title search will be utilized for sending copies of the notice regarding the foreclosure letters.

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