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Who Owned the Property

It’s pretty normal to want to find out who owned the property you just bought or are thinking of buying because, if you’re like many, you’d want to find out the sort of history the property you are interested in has have had, whether you’re on the market for personal or business reasons. Luckily, you can easily find out who owned the property you are interested in by doing an address search.

The basics

The simplest way you can do an address search and know who owned the property is to get your trusty local directory and skim through the pages. This can however be tedious and time-consuming, most especially if there are a lot of properties in the area. Your next bet in finding who owned the property is to take your search online. Using the internet as a tool has been known to essentially speed things up, getting you results in a matter of seconds.

An online search basically works like using a traditional directory except you don’t do all the skimming and browsing—codes and algorithms do that for you. If doing an online search still doesn’t yield the results you’re looking for, maybe it’s high time to bring in the professionals. Of the three methods, professional services are what you cannot get for free so if you’re really serious about finding out who owned the property, you better be prepared to shell out more than a couple of bucks.

What the professionals can do

Your trusty local directory and an online search generally have access to phone books that are made public – that’s why they are free to use. However, when the address you’re looking for is not listed, do not worry. Where public eyes can’t peer into, professionals have access and so they can draw up for you the information you need to find out who owned the property.

But everything is not that simple. People have unlisted addresses for a reason and the law protects their right to privacy, which is why professionals who do have access are still bound by rules and regulations when performing address searches. The trouble it takes to actually get the information on who owned the property is the primary reason why you have to pay up with the professionals. However, on the part of the professionals, they also have to pay up every time they use whatever information is needed so it’s simply a matter of passing on the expense to you.

A simple reminder

Again, there is no harm in wanting to know who owned the property you are interested in. But, be reminded that you also have to respect other people’s privacy. If you have a good enough reason to ask for information regarding who owned the property, then do so. It, of course, may be a matter of protecting your personal interests and that is understandable. But do not abuse the fact that you can do an address search, even employ professionals to do them for you, just because you can. Everyone has a right to privacy and surely, you’d want the same for you.

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